Will it be fair to Richard?….or another Tudor hatchet job?

Mark Horowitz

“Prior to defeating Richard III in battle, Henry VII had the most anemic claim to the British monarchy since William the Conqueror in 1066.” Anemic/anaemic is a great adjective for the Tudor’s actual situation. He should never have won at Bosworth!

The above quote from here is to do with another book about our period, a biography (I think!) of Henry VII. It does not give me much information about Mark Horowitz’s attitude to Richard. I’m a “once bitten, twice shy” sort of gal, so do not hold out much hope that Richard will be dealt with even-handedly. I trust I’m wrong. Over to you, Mr. Horowitz….


  1. I don’t think that all the people that H7 judicially murdered and all the people who suffered under Morton’s Fork would have considered themselves to be living in a stable country.

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  2. Don’t hold out much hope if this “historian” thinks William’s claim was weak. It was at least as good a claim as Harold’s, as William was his cousin… they all shared Rollo the Viking as an ancestor. Indeed William had a much stronger claim than Henry VII or James I(VI) or George I.

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  3. He tweeted this: “My new book is out! I have Mini-Intros before each article/essay divulging the stories (and professors!) behind them–tidbits unknown to the public And who said his enemies were lying about him through FAKE NEWS “as everyone knows” (his words)? It was Richard III . . . in 1484!”

    I don’t find this encouraging. 😦

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