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Lambert Simnel and Edward V

I’m beginning to convince myself that the Lambert Simnel Affair might have been an uprising in favour of Edward V, not Edward, Earl of Warwick….


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2 thoughts on “Lambert Simnel and Edward V

  1. viscountessw on said:

    If this reasoning is correct, which I think entirely possible, it would mean would mean that the old insistence that Richard III killed his nephews has been untrue all along. An uprising in favour of one or other of Edward IV’s sons could not take place in 1487 if they’d been murdered between 1483-85. I have never been able to accept that the likes of Lincoln and Francis Lovell would risk their lives in favour of an imposter. But in favour of Edward’s son? Maybe. Lincoln and Francis Lovell would surely believe the boy was illegitimate, but he was still a highborn Yorkist, and thus better than Tudor in every respect.

    An excellent article. Thank you.

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  2. mry4441 on said:

    Agree with viscountessw. Sources quoted above tell a different story to the Tudor propaganda. Lincoln and Lovell would believe that the boys were illegitimate, but maybe they were just acting within the law of the time and Tudor had repealed TR so therefore the boys had been re-legitimised.

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