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Unveiling a new portrait of Richard III…

New portrait Richard III

Steve Beer, who owns fine art gallery The Medieval Gallery in Dunster, Somerset, is set to host a major event on December 1, called ‘Picturing Richard’s World’. The event will be staged in two parts – first, the talks and displays at Dunster Tithe Barn, followed by the unveiling of the new portrait, which is by Danish artist Anne Gyrite Schütte.

There is more here, where I found the above image.

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3 thoughts on “Unveiling a new portrait of Richard III…

  1. The frame is an eyesore, but maybe it looks better in real


  2. A descent portrait of Richard iii, though I not sure if I like it very much.


  3. artist on said:

    Looking at the above picture I fear the worst for the new portrait by the same artist.
    How can anyone claim that the yet- to- be- unveiled picture will show”an image of Richard as he would actually have appeared to his subjects.” Using the Plastic Recreation head as a” starting point” als0 does not bode well for this attempt.
    Every portrait is an artists interpretation. Even the recreation is not free of interprtation. And most new portraits of Richard are IMHO are an insult to Richard’s memory.


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