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Henry Tudor lurked in a Tenby cellar….?

Black Snow

Um, 14-year-old Henry Tudor hid in a Tenby cellar under what is now Boots? While fleeing the future Richard III? I don’t know how that is right. When Tudor fled the country, Edward IV was the king, and as far as I know, Richard did not go hurtling off to Tenby, even with his bucket and spade. But, Black Snow sounds a strange book in all respects.


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3 thoughts on “Henry Tudor lurked in a Tenby cellar….?

  1. Glenis Brindley on said:

    According to this article, it is a very famous story that the future Henry Vll hid from the future Richard lll in a Tenby cellar. I’m afraid that’s just what it is, a story. I’ve been reading and learning about Richard lll and his era all my life (well, since I was 10 years old anyway!) and this is the first time I’ve ever come across this “famous” story. As far as I’m concerned, this is complete bunkum, and the author must have a very fertile imagination! Yet another story that does King Richard lll no favours.


  2. I am familiar with this story and it is, indeed, quite well known. It involves the Major of Tenby and his sympathies for the Tudor cause. I thought all Ricardians knew of it.


    • hoodedman1 on said:

      I knew of the story but like all such tales its errors make it spurious. 14 year old Henry wasn’t hiding from Richard, who wasn’t king at the time, and was only 4 years older than Tudor. He would have been hiding from Edward.


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