Richard’s chantry chapel in Shropshire….

St Mary's, Edstaston, Shropshire
12th century St Mary’s, Edstaston, Shropshire



When I recently discovered this e-theses site, I found a thesis with the self-explanatory title of Public Display and the Construction of Monarchy in Yorkist England, 1461-85, by Carolyn Anne Donohue. See this one in particular – and very informative it is too.

Then one of the notes caught my eye. It’s Note 470, on page 102, part of which reads as follows:-

“In September 1484 he {Richard III] funded the foundation of a perpetual chantry at the chapel of Hedistaston [presumably Edstaston] Shropshire with eight marks a year, to be called the chantry of King Richard III, CPR 1476-85, pp. 375, 423-25, 478. On King’s College, see Woodman, King’s College, pp. 117-20.”

The have traced the Calendar of Patent Rolls entry in question. It is dated 7th September, 1484, at Nottingham:-Hedsisaston Chantry

Now, I’ve said before and I’ll say again, that I am not a historian or even a true scholar, so I have no problem about admitting that I did not know of this chantry chapel. That he funded others in the likes of Yorkshire I can understand, but why Edstaston in Shropshire?

Does anyone know more about this?


  1. I visited a few years ago – it’s a fabulous little church with beautiful Norman doors, north and south. Inside there are C15th wall paintings of the three Magi presenting gifts to the Virgin and Child (also an intriguing addition of a large ceramic owl on one of the north wall niches). There is also a small white rose in the top of a south window.

    It was founded as a chantry on 7th Sept 1484 with instructions for the priest to pray “for the good estate of the king and his consort Anne, queen of England, and for their souls after death and the souls of the king’s father Richard, late duke of York, and those who have laid helping hands to the chapel and to do other works of piety”.

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  2. Really curious about why he chose this church, too. The only thing nearby that I know of relating to Richard was catching Buckingham at Wem!


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