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When ten royal tombs were opened….


This article about what was found in ten royal tombs  is interesting because of the descriptions. Not that I would have liked to see Edward IV in his 3″ of goo….


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6 thoughts on “When ten royal tombs were opened….

  1. It’s really unconscionable to include the “bones in the urn” as if they’re the remains of a royal.

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  2. Sara Nur Dawson on said:

    I’m very fascinated by this, great article. My husband has learned that he is related to George, Duke of Clarence through his daughter Margaret Pole, and grand-daughter Ursula. It doesn’t make me anything, but as a life-long Ricardian, I am thrilled to know that Richard III is my 17th great-uncle by marriage.


  3. McArthur, Richard P. on said:

    1. Nice to see the executioner of Charles I at least knew his job (compare Monmouth’s execution)
    2. There should be an explanation of why the lack of a 6th finger on the right hand of the supposed skeleton of Anne Boleyn is significant.

    Overall, nice article. Interesting subject. Almost all was new to me; and I read a lot of history.


  4. Sara Nur Dawson on said:

    I don’t think the sixth finger was ever true – or the extra nipples.


  5. Sara Nur Dawson on said:

    It could be that the ‘sixth finger’ was a boneless growth attached to the side of another digit. It could even have had its own nail.


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