When ten royal tombs were opened….


This article about what was found in ten royal tombs  is interesting because of the descriptions. Not that I would have liked to see Edward IV in his 3″ of goo….



  1. I’m very fascinated by this, great article. My husband has learned that he is related to George, Duke of Clarence through his daughter Margaret Pole, and grand-daughter Ursula. It doesn’t make me anything, but as a life-long Ricardian, I am thrilled to know that Richard III is my 17th great-uncle by marriage.


  2. 1. Nice to see the executioner of Charles I at least knew his job (compare Monmouth’s execution)
    2. There should be an explanation of why the lack of a 6th finger on the right hand of the supposed skeleton of Anne Boleyn is significant.

    Overall, nice article. Interesting subject. Almost all was new to me; and I read a lot of history.


  3. It could be that the ‘sixth finger’ was a boneless growth attached to the side of another digit. It could even have had its own nail.


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