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Elijah’s Frodo or Aneurin’s Richard III….?

frodo or aneurin

I have recently watched the Fellowship of the Ring series. I confess to watching these films, and The Hobbit, over and over. Yet again, when Elijah’s Wood’s Frodo Baggins was on the screen, I was curiously reminded of Aneurin Barnard’s Richard III. OK, not when Frodo’s eyebrows were on some kind of weird warpath, like hairy, fully-armed  caterpillars. Richard’s eyebrows were, I’m sure, much more regal and controlled! But there were a lot of times when Aneurin’s Richard intruded!

Frodo may be skinnier, but the likeness is there. For me, anyway.

Afterthought: Perhaps if Richard had possessed that Ring, the outcome of Bosworth would have been very different! He’d have it destroyed immediately after the battle, of course, for it wouldn’t do for him to be made evil by its influence.


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3 thoughts on “Elijah’s Frodo or Aneurin’s Richard III….?

  1. miniminisnell on said:

    As a fan of LOTR and Richard, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance, too. You would think they would have tried a little harder to make Aneurin look more like the real Richard. wouldn’t you?


  2. Sheila Sayce on said:

    I also noticed the resemblance as soon as I saw Aneurin’s Richard. Glad it’s not just me!


  3. Parmandil on said:

    I thought the same when I first saw some pictures of Aneurin Barnard as Richard (I haven’t watched The White Queen yet). I think Richard wouldn’t have used the Ring at all if he knew what it was (or who made it). I can’t imagine any pious person using anything made by a demon!


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