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How to rile this Ricardian….!

Pretanic Britain

ARGHHHHH!!!!! I was interested in this old 1999 article from a US newspaper…until I reached the penultimate paragraph, which contains the following observation:

The report traces Arthurian traditions through exile in Wales to the return of “Pretanic power” with the victory of the Tudors, who won the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 under the future King Henry VII’s standard of the red dragon on a green and white background.

What? Weasely Henry Tudor’s foreign invasion marked the return of the truly “British”!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but yes, I’m SHOUTING!!!! Livid, furious, jumping up and down beside myself. How can anyone with half a brain think Richard and his line were less “British” than Tudor? Richard had more true blood in his veins than Tudor could ever dream of. Tudor made a fuss about calling his son Arthur and so on, but only to give his own wobbly claim to the throne some semblance of substance.

To the barricades, my friends. The battle goes on…!!!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “How to rile this Ricardian….!

  1. Jasmine on said:

    Calm down, it’s an old article. Save your powder for current libels against Richard.

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  2. hoodedman1 on said:

    The article has more holes in it than Swiss cheese anyway. Pretanic Isles is the old Greek word (6th C BC) for Britain, and was doubtless based on the name the Britons called it. Pretan, not exactly different from Bretan/Britan, is it? The whole ‘Anglo Saxon’ purity and huge divides between the two groups has been proved as bunkum by DNA. (Also contrary to belief, Britain is far from being the most ethnically diverse country in Europe by a very long shot, and pretty much all have a history of migration/invasion.) As for Tudor, the great ‘true British king’, choke, well, we know his ancestry was a good part French and English as well as Welsh (depending on who you believe was Edmund T’s daddy lol. He was far more French than Richard. People still assume the Plantagenets were somehow ‘Normans’; well, they had Norman ancestors but by Edward and Richard’s time their pedigree contained ancestry from every country of Britain (and Ireland.)

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    • halfwit36 on said:

      So we know, we absolutely know, that Henry Tudor was not the least bit ‘British’ because his Grandma slept around. Instead, he was a little bit French and almost all ‘English.’ OMG, those horrid, horrid English! Tainted blood!


  3. viscountessw on said:

    The scourge of everything!

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