Timelines of our monarchs….

Richard's timeline

Timelines for our kings and queens are always interesting, especially if they are, or seem to be, quite accurate. Richard’s is, and he isn’t accused of doing away with his nephews. The bald facts and the dates are presented. Above you will see a snip of the beginning of his section. I imagine all the other timelines can be trusted as well. But don’t take my word as gospel, for I have been known to be wrong. I know, hard to believe, but….

Anyway, the site is quite comprehensive, and well linked. Recommended.


  1. I hadn’t noticed, Esther! But yes, you’re right, he is missing, although he crops up in other monarchs’ bios on the site. There are no Stuarts or Georgians either, and Edward V comes after Henry VII, so I’m not quite sure of the filing system. But the bios that ARE there, are interesting. It’s a Tudor-oriented website, and I don’t know if that has something to do with it. Even so, I don’t know why Edward IV doesn’t have his own slot, because as the father of Elizabeth of York and grandfather of all Henry VII’s children, I would have thought he was fairly important to the Tudors. Mind you, King Arthur doesn’t get a mention either, and we ALL know Henry VII linked himself to him!


    1. He does indeed, Esther. So it’s the filing system after all? I looked and didn’t find Edward. Thank you for the link.


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