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The latest on the hunt for Richard’s Y-chromosome

Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence, was born today in 1338, although he died just before his thirtieth birthday. He is, of course, a mixed-line direct ancestor of Richard III but he is the brother of Edmund of Langley, Richard’s male-line great grandfather.

Here, John Ashdown-Hill spoke to Nerdalicious about his attempts to locate Lionel and secure a little DNA. You may compare it with our earlier piece about a similar search.

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5 thoughts on “The latest on the hunt for Richard’s Y-chromosome

  1. viscountessw on said:

    Edmund of Langley is only Richard’s male-line great-grandfather if he did indeed sire Richard of Conisburgh. As we know, there is a certain doubt about this, Edmund’s wife seeming not to have been as faithful as she should. There is a strong likelihood of a certain Duke of Exeter having graced her bed at the relevant time. Edmund treated Richard of Conisburgh with disdain and omitted him from his will, which might fit the Duke of Exeter story.


  2. Anonymous on said:

    Newbie question. Are there any matches to Richard 3’s Y-dna anywhere, and can it be inferred to whom they are all related ( perhaps some were close companions to the royal families)


    • Not as yet, although there ought to be. The current Duke of Beaufort and his cousins should but there is a discrepancy, probably in their long line from John of Gaunt.
      See our post: “Richard III, snooker and probability”.


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