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As we wrote a few weeks ago, there are two JD Wetherspoons named specifically for Richard III, in Gloucester and Leicester. Is there one, in Wales perhaps, named after Henry VII?

This list confirms that this is not the case. At best, “Tudor”-ists could only claim that “The Lord Caradoc” (left) in Port Talbot might refer to Sir Matthew Craddock but actually it is someone from the twelfth century.

Evidently, this particular company is very historically aware and the town’s name is connected to Richard’s sister-in-law.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


      1. Richard’s nephew, Arthur Plantagenet, as he was called, aka Arthur Wayte, was not a prince.


  1. Thanks for adding to my store of absolutely useless information. The Gary Cooper? The Stanley Jefferson? The Lady Chatterley? My goodness. Again, Thank You

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    1. Why not Stanley Jefferson? You might know him as Stan Laurel. Oddly, they also commemorate Eric Morecambe under his less well known real name of Bartholomew. They were born at locations on opposite banks of Morecambe bay at Ulverston and Morecambe, visible from each other.


  2. Yes, I knew about Stan Laurel. I missed the reference to Eric Morecambe, but that is also fitting. What I wonder is, why Woodrow Wilson? or Gary Cooper? And can you feature a man telling his wife, “I’m just going down to the Chatterley for a pint?”


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