The White Princess to hit our screens tonight (11th November) at 9 p.m….


Well, it’s been a long time since The White Queen, and the actors are different, but the sequel is to be aired on UKTV Drama. And by the photograph above, we can’t expect much in the way of accuracy. Of course, being pure fiction, it would be difficult to have a “hero”, i.e. Henry VII, who looks like the back end of a bus, so we have Handsome Henry. But Henry wasn’t handsome, he was the back end of a bus. Elizabeth of York, on the other hand, was plumply lovely. At least, so her portraits suggest. Henry’s portraits can’t do much to flatter him. He was not photogenic…or brushogenic, whatever the correct term might be for what the artist manages to commit to canvas, wood or whatever.

So it will be difficult to watch the sexy bed scenes without sniggering.  Sorry to say it, but it’s true. Sow’s ears do not make silk purses!

If you want the silk purse, bring back Richard III.



  1. Very well said. If it was historically accurate, Henry Vll was so repulsive, tv screens would shatter! The start of the Tudor dynasty, and what a horrible lot they were.

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  2. Bring back James Maxwell!!! He was perfect in ‘The Shadow of the Tower’ made in the 70’s I think. I still think of the Stafford brothers as looking like the actors in this to this day….

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  3. Agreed about James Maxwell. He was superb. And I still see James Laurenson as the Earl of Lincoln! As for the moustache…the actor in TWP would make a better Richard II.

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  4. And as for poor Francis Lovell – if we knew where he was we could advise him to sue for historical character appearance assassination

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