Old Nick and his footprints are back….!!!!

I endeavoured to include a link to the following article, but it was far too long, and the resultant Tinyurl simply would not transfer. Very strange. One might almost say devilishly so! Anyway, I do hope Tara MacIsaac will not mind that I include the article in full, because I gladly acknowledge her work Devil’s Hoofprints Spotted… Continue reading Old Nick and his footprints are back….!!!!

Significant opportunities missed?

Robert Stillington is likely to have been born in about 1420 and was consecrated as Bishop of Bath and Wells on 30 October 1465. As we know, in spring 1483, he confessed his knowledge of Edward IV’s bigamy. Based on Stillington’s evidence, the Three Estates voted to cancel the coronation of Edward V, inviting Richard… Continue reading Significant opportunities missed?

The would-be thieving hounds of Bosworth Field….!

So renegade detectorists were prowling around Bosworth Field at night, trying to find treasures that had somehow been overlooked. Imagine if they’d happened upon something vital and made off with it – to sell to the highest bidder! We might never get to see it, let alone have it properly examined and identified by historians… Continue reading The would-be thieving hounds of Bosworth Field….!


Almost every Ricardian knows about the famous novels ‘The Sunne in Splendour’ by Sharon Penman and ‘We Speak No Treason’ by Rosemary Hawley Jarman.  Most know  Majorie Bowen’s ‘Dickon’,  Carleton’s ‘Under The Hog,’ and ‘The White Boar’ by Marian Palmer. More recent readers who are discovering  the world of kindle  probably have seen Meredith Whitford’s… Continue reading TWO RARE RICARDIAN NOVELS

Athelstan and Brunaburh

The precise location of the 937 battle of Burnaburh, at which Athelstan reasserted the authority of the House of Wessex over Viking, Scottish and Welsh forces has not been conclusively determined yet and nor has the anniversary, although it could not have been before Vikings crossed the Irish Sea in August. What we do know… Continue reading Athelstan and Brunaburh

Three new books about Herefordshire villages….

Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre (HARC) & Logaston Press invite you to celebrate the launch of three Parish histories at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th November at HARC, Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas, Hereford HR2 6LA With short talks by the authors Refreshments available Eardisley’s Early History and the story of The Baskervilles Edited by Malcolm Mason… Continue reading Three new books about Herefordshire villages….

Now Henry V’s great ship has been found in the Hamble…..

“Historians and archaeologists have tentatively identified the location of one of medieval England’s greatest ships. “Detailed archival and aerial photographic research carried out by British maritime historian, Ian Friel, has pinpointed a 30 metre stretch of the River Hamble near Southampton as the final resting place of one of Henry V’s largest warships – the… Continue reading Now Henry V’s great ship has been found in the Hamble…..

The Conisburgh Manorial Court Rolls….

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be capable of reading the original entries in these rolls. My interest, as those who know me are only too aware, is the late mediaeval period, specifically Richards II and III). I would dearly like to be able to understand the source material for “my” period, but haven’t the know-how. But, if you… Continue reading The Conisburgh Manorial Court Rolls….

Another Leicestershire transport pioneer

Here, we showed how the hansom cab was patented in 1834 by a Hinckley man. Just seven years later, a Market Harborough resident was transporting Temperance Society colleagues the short distance from Leicester (Campbell Street) to Loughborough. Campbell Street station no longer remains but Thomas Cook (left) now stands at the entrance of London Road station, where… Continue reading Another Leicestershire transport pioneer

Lannister and York: Kasabian’s III Ray (The King)

A very unusual video came down my timeline the other day; at first I thought it was a joke (ok, ok, I’m older than God and am no longer in touch with the current music scene!) but it seems I was very wrong.  Successful Leicester band Kasabian have released a music trailer for their new… Continue reading Lannister and York: Kasabian’s III Ray (The King)