Salvador Dali to be exhumed in paternity case….

So, a Spanish judge has ordered that Salvador Dali’s remains be exhumed in order to settle a paternity case. But here in the UK, a marble pot with a lid cannot be opened to examine the bones inside. Many of which are reputedly animal bones, not human.

Oh, well, I suppose there’s some logic in there. Somewhere. Danged if I can see it though. Why NOT open it? If it somehow turns out to contain the bones of the sons of Edward IV, I’ll shut up. But as it won’t be them, but will probably be dated to the Roman or pre-Roman period, I’ll keep bleating.

Hmm, no New Year’s Honours List appearance for me then….

Update: No, I don’t yet know the result of the Dali DNA tests, but here is a link to events at the actual exhumation:


  1. Great Info.I recently read an article about Dali’s Case
    that,In July 2017, Salvador Dali’s body was exhumed from its resting place at his home Figueres, Catalonia where he was born in 1904.Dali’s trademark moustache was said to be in perfect condition and would last for centuries.61 year old Pilar Martinez, a tarot reading fortune teller, claims she is Dali’s daughter.Dali’s case isn’t unusual but the enigmatic artist and his rumoured €300 million estate helped make it headline news. A Dali-style exhumation may be unusual but post-mortem tissue sampling is easier than ever before.Advances in both medicine and law mean that it’s now easier than ever to discover who your Daddy actually is and claim your birthright.


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