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Lance Corporal Jones – Dad’s Army – referring to his trusty bayonet.

When someone on a Ricardian group mentioned that John Ashdown-Hill was receiving a right bashing on the BBC History Magazine page, I and a few other intrepid  Ricardian know who you are..trundled over there to take up the cudgel on said author’s behalf.  It felt a bit like:-


and I for one certainly felt like:-

jack cornwell as frank Salisbury.jpg

However,  it turned out more like:


Insults rained down thick and fast..I haven’t had so much fun for  a long was hilarious and I thought I would never start laughing…but our little band held on steadfastly, ignoring the couple of sly digs made about Ricardians by the One who seems to be leader of the Cairo Dwellers..its not the first time we have been likened to fruit loops and we now take it in our stride.

When one of the Cairo Dwellers asked “Where is this ‘wealth of clear contemporary evidence?’ ”  I pointed out to her there were  “44 pages of notes and 11 pages of bibliography in the book” to which she replied “all I am asking is for citations”..mantra like..I  then knew it wasn’t going to be theIMG_3562.JPG

I first envisaged but more like wading through a bowl of porridge and I rapidly begun to lose the will to live.

Insults such as “piffle”, “what tosh”,  “utter nonsense IMO”,  “Total Rubbish” “eyes rolling”?? etc., rained down hard and fast but were quickly batted away by Doughty Ricardian No.1. who informed them that the said author of the ” well researched article was a proper, qualified historian, with an open mind and a record of success”. Counter claims that Weir was the bestest historian since sliced bread..not the exact words but you get my drift..were swiftly tossed to one side by Doughty Ricardian No.2. who reminded them that it was Weir who was the ”  ‘impartial’ person with the pink Henry VII Christmas ornament and cat memes saying ‘me no like Richard’ “..well.. it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in her being a good historian does it … or even a historian..and I use the term loosely.

The Cairo Dweller One who seems to be held in esteem by the other Cairoleans  (I have made that word up..I hope it passes muster)..opined that “Richard did, indeed, probably murder his nephews”..I pointed out that to use the words ” did, indeed, probably” together made no sense and was illogical.  He said I was a ‘little obsessed’ with the word ‘illogical’ but as it was he who looked the word up in his dictionary I felt that was a little bit of   pot calling the kettle black.  At that stage I think things began to feel a little surreal and I decided to go and do something more useful with my time.  I believe they are still telling me off at this very moment.   Oh well.

A great time was had,  but,  having said that, I don’t feel like I will be returning there any time soon…now.. where did I leave my



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11 thoughts on “THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP ‘EM

  1. viscountessw on said:

    Well said, that woman! Mention her in dispatches!

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  2. blancsanglier on said:

    It isn’t Alison Weir with the pink Henry ornaments and cat memes though – it is the ex librarian of the American branch of the Rlll Society.

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    • sparkypus on said:

      Thanks blancsanglier. Thank God they, the anti squad on the BBC History page didnt notice at the time! Probably they were too busy at the time tearing JA-H to shreds. Im sure they were frothing at the mouth. This ex librarian..are her initials SH?

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      • Is she still ignoring the documents out of Portugal, the ones showing the negotiations for the double weddings or Richard and Joana and Elisabeth and Manuel? Last I saw she was still insisting that Dickon wanted to marry the niece that Parliament had declared illegitimate.

        There’s a reason why she only picks her fights in terrain she thinks is friendly to her. She tried her tricks on the American Branch because she figured she could bamboozle those of us who don’t have easy access to the source material, but the actual scholars in the AB kept puncturing her pretensions and so she ran off in a huff.

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    • The one who thinks the Woodvilles are such shiny happy people?

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      • sparkypus on said:

        PHoenix Woman..your talking about SH yes? Is thwt why she is described as an ex-librarian?

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      • halfwit36 on said:

        A double wedding? More likely two different weddings. And obviously one or both was still in the negotiation stage, or Richard would have brought them up as proof that he didn’t want to marry his niece.


      • Williams’ conclusion is that the plan was for a double wedding and every writer who has noticed his sources agrees.


  3. halfwit36 on said:

    In fairness, JAH is not above criticism on these grounds, though I hesitate to do so at present. However, as the ones who are taking the non-traditional view, Ricardians must be very careful not to emulate the Cairenes. It’s their double standard, but we have to live up to it.


  4. Alan White on said:

    Was this on the BBC History Magazine Facebook page? Or the comments section of their main website?


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