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News to come about that urn….?


“A breakthrough in the search for Richard III’s remains was the fact that Dr Ashdown-Hill, who is a genealogist as well as historian, had used DNA science to trace a descendant of the king – Mrs Joy Ibsen who lived in Canada.

“He is now using that DNA sequencing to dispel the centuries-old myths surrounding the fate of the Princes in the Tower. Are the ‘bones in the urn’ in Westminster Abbey really those of the young princes? Dr Ashdown-Hill tempted students with the news that new evidence could be revealed later in the year.”

How exciting! I do not know what the news might be, but it seems that Dr Ashdown-Hill has something intriguing up his capacious sleeve, or so he has hinted in a talk at Brentwood School. Has he discovered something that might, at last, lead to the identification of the bones in the urn in Westminster Abbey?

We can but wait!


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5 thoughts on “News to come about that urn….?

  1. I cannot understand why sensible people take the bones in the urn as being anything other than a hoax. The two sons of Edward IV were not murdered in 1483 and there is plenty of evidence at least one was alive after Bosworth. If this is so then why all the fuss? This is the triumph of story over intellect. I can understand that those who think Shakespeare’s version of the story is correct might be curious, but as for Ricardians . . .? I set out my reasons for this being a 17th century hoax in my book Westminster Bones and I have seen nothing since to alter my perception of the tale.

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  2. sparkypus on said:

    Is this going to be about the congenitally missing teeth running in families and Richard didn’t have any? I don’t think this mystery will be solved until permission is given for the urn bones to be re-examined. Of course when this happens it will be proven beyond doubt these are not the bones of Edward of Westminster and Richard of Shrewsbury. However I don’t think we should hold our breath while waiting for that to happen. Very frustrating.

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  3. skiinglady on said:

    I don’t think so sparkypus, that information came out a year ago so I am hoping it is something new. I must say I think the dental evidence a little hyped as hypodontia is not present in all siblings in a family so could simply have missed Richard. That being said I felt the claim that the hypodontia seen in the bones shows consanguinity with anne Mowbray to be also a little silly

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