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Richard the Good, or Richard the Bad? A lecturer discusses it….

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There is an announcement in The Millstone community newspaper for Mississippi Mills and The Area, of a lecture on March 31st on whether or not Richard III was a villain. It sounds as if it will be interesting:


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4 thoughts on “Richard the Good, or Richard the Bad? A lecturer discusses it….

  1. mairemartello on said:

    For the record, it is in Ontario, not Mississippi, USA. It was hard to find a complete address!

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    • Yes, it confused me as well. I checked the address of the church and found out it was in Ontario. Would like to hear it, but unfortunately the travel distances over here are often anything but “a quick trip”.

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  2. viscountessw on said:

    Oh, dear! Sorry about that. I looked and decided that if it was called Mississippi, it must BE in Mississippi. Never leap to conclusions. Thank you Maire.

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  3. mairemartello on said:

    Even knowing it was in Ontario (a rather large state!) I still couldn’t find an address or phone number. This is a problem with many local newspapers and blogs, unfortunately. (Not the Murrey and the Blue, of course – we’re perfect, lol!)

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