Coming up this year:

As you can see, Kit Harrington will soon portray Robert Catesby in a BBC drama about the Gunpowder Plot. Catesby, shot while resisting arrest, was one of 130731-e5cae8c8-18cf-4b66-aa08-3c4ae03e6428the lucky ones. Then again, our folk memory of the seventeenth century is not entirely accurate.

Here it is.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. One theory is that King James’ intelligence service were aware of this plot at an early stage, and let it run in order to maximise the PR impact. Whether true or not, it was a disaster for the majority of innocent Catholics who were not involved but suffered from the subsequent repression.

    The historical parallels are all too clear.


  2. Isn’t Mark Gatiss too tall to play Robert Cecil?
    Then again, he also played Prince Regent (the future George IV) on ‘Taboo’, with a really obvious fat suit and heavy makeup, so who knows what they may do to change his appearance this time.


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