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The truth about Henry VII’s private life….!


Beneath that grim exterior, I always knew there was a glamorous Henry VII trying to get out. Cloth of gold and ermine were all very well, but needed to adorn gorgeous gowns of the feminine variety. I always suspected that he sometimes wore a frock, and that he wanted to fling aside his dull wig and let his long golden locks tumble free. Not that he ever let his Lady Mother find out, of course…



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3 thoughts on “The truth about Henry VII’s private life….!

  1. hoodedman1 on said:

    Haha, I nearly spat my coffee out!

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  2. halfwit36 on said:

    Curse you, viscountess! I read your post before church yesterday morning, but didn’t have time to follow the link, since we were already running late because of the time change. So that image stuck with me all morning! I still can’t quite get rid of it.
    I don’t follow Game of Thrones – don’t think we can get it here. Have I missed anything?

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