Who might this Yeoman of the Crown be….?


In the book “Imagining Robin Hood”, by A.J. Pollard, there is an illustration of a brass effigy recovered from the mud of the Thames in the 19th century, during dredging. Pollard says it “has been identified as depicting a yeoman of the crown of Edward IV, whose duties were set down in the king’s household ordinances known as ‘The Black Book’. His armour emphasises the role of the yeoman as the royal bodyguard.”

The effigy is in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries, but the commemorated yeoman cannot be identified. Wouldn’t it be good to know?

You can read about the effigy, now with the Society of Antiquaries, here.

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  1. Very interesting. I always thought that it Was Henry Vll who created the post of Yeoman of the Crown? Perhaps there were different types. What a wonderful find. Its amazing what treasures the Thames can yield.

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