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What if…?

Having a little trawl around the internet, I came across this page which I hadn’t seen before. It is an alternative history, wondering ‘What if Richard III had won the Battle of Bosworth?’ It is only short, but refreshing to read about his victory for a change!

Richard's at Sudeley soon

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7 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. viscountessw on said:

    What a lovely, rewarding dream…

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  2. halfwit36 on said:

    The author doesn’t present too roseate a vision of what would have happened if Richard won – an England still Catholic, no World Wars, etc., as many Ricardians would. (Admit it!) Stands to reason that England wouldn’t have been able to avoid the upheavals of the intervening centuries, no matter who was ruling.

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  3. skiinglady on said:

    Devious!!!!Devious!!!! . The duke of Buckingham played Richard like a fiddle. A devious politician would have seen through his shallowness much sooner. He was a clever man but because he was out of court for a lot of the time it was more likely he was unprepared for the vipers nest he was thrown into. He underestimated his enemies which has been considered arrogance however a very good explanation is also he could not see the deviousness in them and was too trusting. Takes one to know one.
    Exactly what claim to the throne does the author think tudor had? None I am aware of his having .
    The rumours about the boys being dead only started with the rebellion and did not include how or even by whom? Only More started the “hidden under the stairs” many years later. There were also rumours of their survival coinciding with these.


  4. My novel, The Doom Assigned, is an alternative history beginning with Richard’s victory at Bosworth and imaging the events of the next few years. It is a full length book though.

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    • And well worth reading – I thoroughly enjoyed it! My trilogy, Richard Liveth Yet, also imagines what might have happened if he had won (although it includes a time travel element).


      • halfwit36 on said:

        I have read and enjoyed both, but both take the viewpoint that the Plantagenets would still be around. This is possible – the Grimaldis of Monaco are still in situ after 500 years, but they practiced Lucy Stonism (wife keeps her own name & passes it on). And then there are the Howard Dukes of Norfolk. So it could happen, but just seems unusual.

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  5. Well, we do love our Plantagenets!


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