15th-century ‘love’ ring found near Harrogate….



This beautiful ‘love’ ring was dug up in a field near Harrogate. The article suggests that it is 15th century and therefore Tudor, but I cannot help thinking it is more likely to be Plantagenet, and if in Yorkshire, then maybe connected to the House of York. Oh, I know, wishful thinking. But why not? It is as likely as the ring being Tudor.

The illustration is from the article. And well done Lee Rossiter for finding such a treasure!



      1. OK it belonged to a love-struck Yorkist couple walking through a Hieronymus Bosch landscape so typical of Lancastrian territory.

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  1. How would it be Tudor if the Tudors didn’t rule for most of the 15th century? It’s like these people think everything that has some 1400s connection is Tudor, when it that’s not always the case. Unless it’s from around 1486 or later, then it is Tudor. I think it’s Plantagenet though.


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