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Evidence, please?

From John-Ashdown-Hill, whose Private Life of Edward IV is published a month today:

“Can anyone find ANY CONTEMPORARY EVIDENCE to show that Edmund, Earl of Richmond, Jasper, Earl of Pembroke, or Henry VII ever used the name TUDOR?

That surname definitely was used by Owen.
For example, in 1459 Henry VI gave a commission to ‘Owin Tuder’ (CPR, 1452-1461, p. 494).

But although the indexes of the published versions of the CPR, CCR, &c, list Edmund, Jasper and Henry under that surname, I haven’t yet found one single entry which actually employs it.


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7 thoughts on “Evidence, please?

  1. David on said:

    Richard III’s proclamation against the rebels, 1485. Although this is hardly them referring to themselves. It is Richard recounting their ancestry.


  2. halfwit36 on said:

    I believe that when Henry had to use a last name, as on his application for a dispensation to marry, he signed himself ‘Henry (de) Richmond.’ Presumably,Jasper would have been Jasper Pembroke. Owen, not having been ennobled, would have been ‘Owen Tudor,’ and that name was used by other members of the family, such as the son who became a monk.

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    • This seems to have been standard at the time – nobles didn’t use what we see as their “family names” nearly as much as we tend to. For instance, Anne Neville’s signature was “Anne Warwick”.


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