Bring it on, Philippa….!


Quote from the link below:-

“She [Philippa Langley] revealed at the end of the talk that she has now gathered a team to try and discover the truth behind the many stories and versions of what happened to the princes in the tower, and all she would say was that some of their findings so far have been gobsmacking. Let’s hope the festival invites her back in the future with the results. ”

Gobsmacking????? How tantalising! Bring it on, Philippa, we’re all waiting.


  1. I saw Philippa Langley at middleham and she stated that the board with all the evidence on it. rather like the police have them, is actually on her kitchen wall. I have a terrible urge to act like maureen lipman in the ‘aunt bessie’ advert and hang from a tree with a set of binoculars. The suspence is killing me!!!!!!!

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  2. Actually I have returned from Norwich after hearing a talk by Philippa on the princes where she gave a speech that was heavily edited from nearly two hours long to about one hour. She did mention Katherine Woodville as being a ” person of interest” as Elizabeth Woodville appears to change her attitude to Richard after her moving into sanctuary to be with her sister. After all she was the duchess of Buckingham and then is married off to jasper tudor soon after Bosworth…… why?

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    1. Thank you very much, skiinglady. A very interesting comment. I for one had never thought of Katherine Woodville being involved. So, we all hold out breath and wait…

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