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A new statue of Richard to be considered….


It seems a new statue of Richard is being considered. I hope they decide to go ahead, and that it’s a splendid likeness. The above illustration comes from the link below, so I do not think it has any bearing on the likely appearance of the statue.

PS: I do wish the eyebrows of the above likeness were under control. As they are, they look like great hairy caterpillars that are about to hurl themselves across his nose to headbutt each other!

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5 thoughts on “A new statue of Richard to be considered….

  1. skiinglady on said:

    I agree with you completely about the eyebrows . They are so unlike any portrait of him…….


  2. Rhona Wyer on said:

    The woman who makes these likenesses always does a similar look. I saw something on faces from Pompeii which were much more particular and had been painted (in the roman fashion you might say)and looked more individual and less generic than Richard who has a ‘Crime Watch’ look that have I never been comfortable with.


  3. halfwit36 on said:

    Some people do have heavy eyebrows, and there is nothing wrong with them. Of course, there is no way of telling from the bones, no way of even telling the color of the eyes for sure. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Or you just takes your choice.


    • hoodedman1 on said:

      Well, the gene markers for blue eyes are one of the ones less likely to be wrong when found in the DNA, but of course it can’t really say whether light blue or dark blue or greyish blue. Could even have greenish tints as blue eyes are not as ‘pure’ as once believed, but often contain amber/gold and other colours in their make up (hence it IS possible for two blue eyed people to produce a non-blue eyed kid–something once wrongly thought to be impossible, which brought misery to many, I imagine.)


    • The combination of DNA results and every known near contemporary portrait of Richard strongly suggests he had grey blue eyes.


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