Did Edward of Middleham come to London….?

A short while ago I had cause to question a source that spoke of Edward of Middleham coming south to London with his mother, Anne Neville. My source at that time was http://www.basiccarpentrytechniques.com/Medieval%20Towns/The%20Story%20of%20London/46618-h.htm#CHAPTER_II


In the above work is the following paragraph:-
“Edward IV. died on April 9, 1483, and his young son, Edward V., was brought from Ludlow by the Greys, his relations on the mother’s side. Richard Duke of Gloucester, fearing the action of the Greys, overtook the procession, and sent Earl Rivers and Sir Richard Grey prisoners to Pontefract. Edmond Shaa, the Mayor, the sheriffs and the aldermen in scarlet, with 500 horse of the citizens in violet, met the King and the Duke at Hornsey, and, riding from thence, accompanied them into the city, which was entered on the 4th of May. The King was lodged in the bishop’s palace, where a great Council was held, at which the Dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham and other great lords were sworn. Edward V. was deposed soon after this, and on the 5th of July, the day before his coronation, Richard rode from the Tower through the city, with his son, the Prince of Wales, three dukes, nine earls, twenty-two viscounts and barons, eighty knights, esquires and gentlemen ‘not to be numbered,’ besides the great officers of State.”

I thought then that the boy was always left in the north, but now I’ve come across another source that states quite clearly he came south with his mother and was present at their coronation. (See page 22 of Lives of the Princesses of Wales by Mary Beacock Fryer, Arthur Bousfield, Garry Toffoli for the extract below.) http://tinyurl.com/j3r97ax

Edward of Middleham in London

So, did Edward of Middleham ever come to London?



  1. The best study on Richard III’s coronation is Anne F. Sutton, Rodney W. Hammond “The Coronation of Richard III – the extant documents”. As far as I am aware no document records the presence of Richard’s children (both legitimate and illegitimate) at his coronation in London in July 1483. Richard’s investiture of Edward as Prince of Wales in York Minster on 8th September 1483 alongside the investiture of his half brother John as knight is well documented.


    1. Yes, and I think the references to the contrary are most probably incorrect. Still, it’s curious that the ‘mistake’ has arisen. But then, I suppose there are always mistakes where Richard is concerned.


  2. Anne didn’t die at Middleham though, did she? She was in London, that’s why she was buried in Westminster Abbey.
    If this statement is wrong then I question the rest of it.


    1. Just about everything is wrong, except Richard’s name! My main curiosity was directed at the whereabouts of Edward of Middleham. One ‘source’ I could overlook, but two made me sit up. Not too straight-backed, you understand, because neither of these extracts is from a verifiable ORIGINAL source. But sometimes, just sometimes, little nuggets turn up. Not saying this is one of those nuggets!


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