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All the king’s horses (Richard’s too?)….

King's horses - Paolo_Uccello

I recently wrote about the method used to name that was apparently used to name the horses of medieval noblemen and kings, first by colour and then with an aristocratic family surname or title. White Surrey, if he ever existed, fitted this system. 

So, still on the theme of horses, it may be of interest to read the following link, which tells of the horses of Henry V, how they were cared for, and by whom. 

I do not doubt that the general information will have fitted the care of Richard’s horses as well. His Masters of the Horses were the Tyrell cousins, first Sir Thomas and then the more famous Sir James. They were followed by Sir Thomas Brandon.  



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3 thoughts on “All the king’s horses (Richard’s too?)….

  1. Sara Nur on said:

    I especially appreciate the glossary at the end of the article. I also found this out about horsebread:

    “Horsebread was a type of bread sometimes consumed in medieval Europe. Considered low-quality, it made from legumes, such as dry split peas, and was one of the cheapest available. It was fed to horses, but also eaten in times of famine by the indigent, and those who could not afford white bread which was the most labour-intensive, and therefore expensive.”

    (But it sounds like the horsebread was better for you.)


  2. Sara Nur on said:

    Does anybody know if a particular gender of horse was prefered over another?


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