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An impertinent view of Richard’s father…

Richard of York and his teeth


Surely I can’t be the only one to look at this famous likeness of Richard’s father, the Duke of York, and see two goofy front teeth….? <g> Yes, yes, I know it’s his lower lip, but I’m afraid that since the thought struck me, those two ‘front teeth’ are all I see. Can you imagine him issuing orders on the battlefield? Would he whistle through the gap? OK, OK, too much flippancy and irreverence. I’ll shut up.

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5 thoughts on “An impertinent view of Richard’s father…

  1. McArthur, Richard P. on said:

    I see no such thing.


  2. Sara Nur on said:

    In my case, it’s the misheard ‘Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear’. But no – I don’t see what you’re seeing either. One solution might be to print it out and color in appropriately?


  3. halfwit36 on said:

    I see how some people could see it. I couldn’t really get past the ridiculous beard!

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  4. viscountessw on said:

    Like inverted rabbit’s ears….yes, I did turn it upside down just to see….


  5. Gabby on said:

    Having a gap doesn’t me you talk differently


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