When Shakespeare was in Gloucestershire….

Gloucester Cathedral


When happening upon this BBC page, I was reminded of an old friend. I worked with her yonks ago and we have remained friends, if sporadically. Her maiden name was Shakespeare, and she said her family was descended from THE Shakespeares. Now, she is an intelligent woman, and would not have said that unless she was sure of her facts. She and her family are to be found in Gloucestershire, specifically in the Gloucester-Stonehouse-Stroud-Dursley area, which is more or less my area too, albeit by adoption.

Maybe the Bard himself was active in more ways than one when he came to the county? Who knows. But there are still Shakespeares around in this neck of the woods!



  1. In one or two biographies on the great Shakespeare, I have read that there was (or were), one or two other Shakespeare families, and even an artist named William.

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  2. My father was born in Stonehouse. His name was Reginald Stratford Shakespeare. We must still have distant family members in the area.
    Research based on population growth and surname distribution would suggest that all Shakespeares derive from the same family.

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