The lady whose existence led Richard to the throne…

Lady Eleanor...maybe

This is all so exciting! Wouldn’t it be marvellous if the remains did indeed turn out to be Lady Eleanor? The woman whose status and existence made a king of  Richard of Gloucester. And to think, it’s not that long ago that we didn’t even know her name for certain. Now John Ashdown-Hill knows even more than he did ten years ago and has a reconstruction of her face:


    1. The congenitally absent left upper second premolar that the remains share with Lady Anne Mowbray (Lady Eleanor’s niece, TMK p.230) is a good start but DNA might emerge at some stage anyway.


      1. Interesting – is this the evidence cited to identify one of the skulls from the Westminster Urn?


      2. I remember reading that one of the “Mary Rose” crew had a congenitally missing molar, and he was no relation to either of them. DNA is the only way to go


      3. That would be the case if any samples of Lady Anne were kept before her reburial fifty years ago. She was Lady Eleanor’s sororal niece and thus would be mitochondrially identical.
        Until then, other similarities will have to be relied upon, such as dental similarities visually observed or photographed in Lady Anne’s case with her aunt’s evidence. They were much more closely related than either were to Edward V, for instance.


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