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More on Richard’s astrology

Being interested in astrology for years, I had previously read this article and it has been shown again in my Facebook memories. It is different because it uses karmic astrology and analyses the timing of his rediscovery and the astrology behind his appearance.

Click here for whole article.


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2 thoughts on “More on Richard’s astrology

  1. McArthur, Richard P. on said:

    1. Remmber the change of calendar, from Julian to Gregorian, in the 18th century. Richard;s death would in the modern calendar be in early September, his birth probably later in the year than we now place it.
    2. Richard’s scoliosis is thought to have started well after birth.
    3. All astrological findings would look more impressive if they can be shown to precede the event.


  2. It’s just a bit of fun, however, I thought the calendar change is taken into account. The scoliosis part doesn’t mean it would happen at birth, it’s an influence that can take effect later, I would presume. Also, IIRC, although the skeleton had been discovered when this was first published, I believe it hadn’t been positively identified yet.


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