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Did Richard once use this staircase….?


Quote from the above link: “Today, the inner courtyard fronts of the Talbot Hotel – which has a sign bearing the year 1626 – is proudly erected from the stone of Fotheringhay Castle itself. Among other features in the hotel are the mullion windows, said also to come from the Castle and also that wooden staircase. If true, and the footsteps of Mary, Queen of Scots once graced its boards, it is a staircase with a history quite unlike any other.”

I did not know that some of the stone and other parts of Fotheringhay Castle had been reused, and that at the Talbot Hotel in Oundle, Northamptonshire, is preserved the staircase down which Mary, Queen of Scots, went to her execution. A staircase which, no doubt, could have been well known to a certain Plantagenet family. Might Richard have been acquainted with it? Surely the answer is yes. And he would have known parts of the inner courtyard fronts and looked out of the mullioned windows that are also preserved at the hotel.

oundle staircasse talbot hotel

(picture from The Woodcarvers Guild Ltd.)

oundle - courtyard

(picture by Baz Richardson)

See more about the hotel at


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