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Not AGAIN! More backward steps for Richard….

Another hunchback

Oh, groan-bally-groan!!!!!

“In 2011, a group of amateur historians made an incredible archaeological find: the bones of King Richard III, hunchbacked, with an arrow through the spine. Now, scientists are testing the bones to find out more about the king and also conducting fascinating experiments to determine whether Richard could have fought so ferociously in battle with such a severe deformity.”

If I take any more steps back, I’ll fall off the end of the world. I mean, it IS flat, isn’t it….? Must be if these folk still believe Richard was hunchbacked and thus had a ‘severe deformity’. As for the ‘amateur historians’…one wonders what JA-H might think about THAT!


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5 thoughts on “Not AGAIN! More backward steps for Richard….

  1. Ginamew on said:



  2. Not only hunchbacked, but with with an arrow through his spine? LOL

    Why are people who write blurbs usually completely clueless about what they are writing about? Apparently, this is US version of the documentary with Dominic Smee, but whoever wrote this certainly hadn’t seen it!

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  3. Glenis Brindley on said:

    I don’t understand how anyone can still believe this garbage. Richard lll was NOT a hunchback, he had curvature of the spine. It’s already been proven that once in his armour and on his horse, he would have looked no different to anyone else. He was quite capable of fighting ferociously in battle – but THERE WAS NO arrow through his spine. When will these people do their research properly, instead of putting two and two together and getingt 36! It almost makes me feel like giving up, but I won’t because we all have to speak up for Richard

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    • Sara Nur on said:

      It’s release was dated September 24th, 2014 – plenty of time to fix this – and it’s appalling to me that the Public Broadcasting Service (home of Nature, Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, and the works of Ken Burns) wouldn’t have checked this out beforehand. Now it makes me wonder about some of the other stuff that I’ve totally trusted them in.


  4. In a comment I posted on Matt’s history blog,I suggested that perhaps more Ricardians should urge the headquarters of the Richard III Society to give stronger replies to ignorant and malicious people like these ones.The R III Visitor Centre in Leicester does the same.I wrote to both this Centre AND Mr Stone about it and about,of course,my subject,Shakespeare.They disgustingly use Shakespeare against Richard.Mr Stone very kindly answered that he would try to talk to them next time –about this clear physical disability problem.But as far as Shakespeare is concerned,he does not seem to be sure.
    I am.Shakespeare was anti-Tudor,he was partly deliberately misinterpreted. I will publish my book about it soon,but all of us,Ricardians should use the atomic bombs we have,not to give them over to the enemy and then try to defeat it with some airguns.
    We have two atomic bombs.One is the unquestionable fact that the Tudors lied about Richard’s looks and physical condition.Those who still spread the lie,only show that they are either extremely brainwashed or malicious or both.
    Our other weapon of mass destruction is Shakespeare,and it is in the enemy’s hands.The R III Society should support research of the Elizabethan Age and its theatre.The way it was misinterpreted, is a very strong weapon showing that the public was misled about everything in connection with Richard and the Tudors.Weak lamentations about Shakespeare not having been a historian,don’t help.His plays portray a very exciting,RICARDIAN,anti-Tudor worldview.
    So my suggestion is that every Ricardian perhaps could write to these bad,pro-Tudor places on the one hand,protesting against their practices,to the leaders of Ricardian organizations on the other hand asking them to support the Ricardian Shakespeare studies and giving strong answers to ma!vicious provocations that are obviously stupid and untrue
    We have no reason to discuss these issues only among ourselves.


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