The Shakespearean editor who was descended from Richard III’s sister …

… was Sir Edward Capell, son of the vicar of Stanton in Suffolk. He was, as you can see , a cousin of the Earls of Essex through Arthur Capell Baron Hadham, a descendant of Anne Duchess of Exeter.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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  1. Absolutely everybody who has ever had anything to do with Richard,should have been a huge fan of Shakespeare.The great playwright,the greatest Ricardian ever.In my book,Shakespeare Made Me Love Richard III,I show that his whole oeuvre is anti-Tudor.When his grotesque play,The tragedy of Richard iii was interpreted as if it had been meant to be a realistic one,it happened to please power that went back to the Tudors.
    On my site richardiiiandallill-treated.,I claim pretty unpleasant things in connection with this. But waffling and tiptoeing should stop once and for all.
    I went as far as writing to the Chairman of the Richard III Society,asking him to rethink what he thinks of Shakespeare.In the magazines of the Society several authors wrote articles–myself among them–about the real Shakespeare.I wrote to the Chairman that the Ricardian cause loses its strongest weapon when Ricardian organizations hand over our greatest representative, Shakespeare, to the’. enemy’. The Richard III Society and similar organizations should support research of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Theatre,because the way it was all partly intentionally misinterpreted,is the strongest argument to support the Ricardian cause.


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