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Mike Ingram is a battlefield historian and the author of the excellent non-fiction book, Battle Story: Bosworth 1485. Soon Mike will be leading a new tour, Richard Duke of Gloucester, the Lord of the North, alongside Bob Savage from the Royal Armouries.
This promises to be a fantastic tour for both Ricardians and members of the public interested in the Wars of the Roses or the Middle Ages in general, presenting a deeper and more balanced view of Richard’s life (unlike certain unnamed persons who front extremely expensive tours using Richard’s name but continually rehash the tired ‘old Black Legend story,’ which seems to be much too ‘lucrative’ to give up. Their own personal historical favourites do not appear to be much of a draw!)
Richard’s years as Duke of Gloucester definitely need more attention and study from historians, as when the accomplishments of his youth and his time in the North are listed, it then becomes far more difficult to reconcile his character with that of the traditional Shakespearean figure, who lurks in the background without much real purpose other than lusting for the throne since childhood. Instead, you see the loyal younger brother, fighting for his brother’s causes and becoming an ‘especial good lord’ to the people of York, as well as dealing with Scottish incursions and eventually taking Berwick on Tweed back for England (where it has remained ever since.)
Details of Mike Ingram’s new tour are below:

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