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Poor Richard, the insults go on and on…

Another Richard...

Oh, dear…oh, dear…. What a shame, I didn’t find out about it until too late. Hm. Some quite horrible ideas in this. Another three steps backward, I fear….…/college-rewrites-shakespeares-richar…



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4 thoughts on “Poor Richard, the insults go on and on…

  1. Jasmine on said:

    I read an earlier review of this play. It is an interesting and creative idea to include in a performance of Shakespeare’s play a modern narrative telling the story of Richard’s rediscovery and reburial. It provides a link for the students between a dramatic play and events in the real world. After all, it is in our interests to reinforce the idea that Shakespeare is drama and not history.


  2. well, honestly. First they hijack him , now they continue their ignorant “scholastic ” exploitative games . How low do they intend to stoop ?This is totally unacceptable !!

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  3. Jasmine on said:

    As far as I know, the London College involved has not hijacked Richard – they have simply interleaved a modern narrative into the Shakespeare play. Why is that totally unacceptable?


  4. I agree it is not acceptable because they are linking the Shakespeare version of Richard with the real one – unless they are going to stress that the real Richard was not like the character in the play, it is counterproductive to what Ricardians are trying to do, which is to dissociate the Shakespeare version from the real man.

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