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Richard III by the Legendary Ten Seconds by Elke Paxson February 2016

Pic of Richard III album of The Legendary Ten Seconds

Front cover of ‘Richard III’

A few months ago I discovered the music of The Legendary Ten Seconds and I’m thrilled that their third and newest album of the Richard III trilogy (the first one being “Loyaulte Me Lie” and the second “Tant Le Desiree”) is also out on CD. The songs are again pithy and meaningful. It also comes with historical and highly interesting narrations between all of the songs and it makes the CD all the more special.

The first two songs “Sheriff Hutton” and “Richard Liveth Yet” are dynamic songs with a beautiful swinging rhythm. “Written at Rising” has some cool sound effects and the instrumentation gives it a beautiful medieval feeling with a modern touch. “Gold Angels”, the next song is an interesting story about an old medieval Christmas tradition. “Act III, Scene 4 William Shakespeare” is striking with its beautiful harmonies. “The Year of 3 Kings” and “Hollow Crown” are extraordinary music pieces. They are accompanied by diverse instruments, but the acoustic guitar and a lively flute stand out nicely as does the electronic keyboard. The sound is superb and they just have a great, exciting swing to them.

Then there is “Remember my Name”. It is also striking with its beautiful harmonies and lyrics that may touch you deep inside. “Lord Lovell’s Lament” is a slow song that stands out in its tender presentation. “Requiem Mass For Richard” tells the story of his sister Margaret after getting the news of her last brother’s death. It’s a heartfelt song with some definite rock elements. “Royal Title” is about Sir George Buck finding Titulus Regius and the truth that deserves to be known! Sound effects as well as the sound of a beautiful acoustic guitar accompany the “haunting” song called “Ambion Hill”. The last song of the CD is called “How Do You Rebury A King” and it is a catchy rendition of the events of Richard’s re-interment. It rounds out the album quite well and it’s a final song that leaves you wanting more.

Back cover

Back cover of ‘Richard III’

This album brings together English Folk with a modern flair and some rock elements. Hard to imagine such a combination? Maybe so, but it’s a combination you likely won’t be disappointed in. Ian Churchward and his musicians of the Legendary Ten Seconds have created an astonishing set of thrilling, thoughtful, sometimes soothing and always professional songs that I would not want to miss anymore.


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