Richard the football inspiration….?

Richard the Football Hero

Before I write another word, let me say that this post is meant to be light-hearted, and has nothing whatsoever to do with any ill-feeling about Leicester versus York.  I think the photograph is amusing and, as someone has posted on my Facebook page, how on  earth is he going to keep that hat on during the match?

So, here goes. A lot has been written recently about Richard’s galvanising effect upon the Leicester City football team, but it seems that Sportsgrid has caught him in the act! Here he is, photographed wearing the team colours. What a scoop!

In another way, there may be something in this. This time last year, Leicester City were still in a relegation place but now lead by two points with eleven matches remaining. Is he an unofficial attack coach in an era when too many teams still rely on the pike wall?


  1. I see already there is a comment from a pro-York supporter on the original article having the ‘usual’ dig against Leicester. They must scour the internet looking for links between Richard III, Leicester and York, just so that they can keep the fires burning…..

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  2. I think it’s great that Leicester are doing so well, and of course it’s Richard’s doing. Surely everyone knows the power of morale to boost a team. Richard has brought a great boost to Leicester’s economy, the cathedral gardens and the surrounding area have been improved no end and the eyes of the world were on Leicester a year ago, increasing the tourist industry. Everyone is feeling upbeat as a consequence and they now believe in themselves. Plus, of course, they have the entirely appropriate sponsors: King Power!! 😉

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