An oft-forgotten version of Shakespeare’s Richard III….

Vinnie's Richard

We all know the famous performances/interpretations of Shakespeare’s brilliant but almost totally untrue work on Richard III, but here’s another ‘Richard’ that often slips the memory. Vincent Price is known for his horror roles, especially Poe, but is not so famous for his Richard. I am prepared to be corrected, and to be told that his is the finest  of all time!

Vincent’s performance is to be found on a new collection of his films, reviewed at, from which I’ve taken the following extract:

The second title on the set veers closer to horror, but despite its many murders and apparitions, TOWER OF LONDON (the Corman version, not the Basil Rathbone production that also featured Price) veers closer to the historical fiction of Shakespeare’s RICHARD III than Corman’s Poe films. Here, Price gives his most diverse performance of the set as the murderous, power-hungry Richard III, presented in a clear, beautiful HD transfer pulled from a fine grain film print.

I will not comment, because I have not seen it, but Vincent Price was always a gifted and entertaining presence. He’s a sad loss, and I still like to watch his films. That voice was unique.

(This collection of Vincent Price performances is also reviewed at

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