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Following on from the success of my first novel about Richard III in the twenty first century and demands for a sequel, I am proud to announce the second part, Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country, is now finished and in the process of being edited and proof read. It is planned for release at the end of March to coincide with the anniversary of Richard’s re-interment.

Whereas the first part dealt with Richard’s experiences in modern times, where he found out that he lost the Battle of Bosworth and researched what went wrong to see if he could go back and change history, the second part involves the heroine from the first part, Rose, trying to go back to Richard’s time.Both books include real history which has been thoroughly researched,and more than a hint of humour.

This is the prospective cover, though it is not finalised yet.

Picture of book cover of Richard Liveth Yet Book II: A Foreign Country

If you wish to read the first part, it is available here on Kindle or print copies on Blurb.

You can also follow my writing blog which features songs used as scene titles in the book, locations and characters from the book and writing hints and tips.

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One thought on “Look out for…

  1. viscountessw on said:

    I wish you all the good luck in the world, past and present. The first book was excellent. You carried off the time-travel theme to perfection, and I have no doubt at all that you will do the same with this new book. Well done for tackling and succeeding with such a tricky theme, and my fingers are crossed that this title enjoys great sales too.

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