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Henry carved in stone…


Oh, dear, In Pembroke they want a statue of Henry Tudor. The thing is, if the real man stood on a plinth, would we be able to tell he wasn’t the statue? I mean, he always looks “carved in stone” to me… Henry

There was a stone statue of Henry VII in Exeter, near Eastgate, but it seems to have been lost during the Blitz. A fibreglass version was then erected near Princesshay (top), but that was removed in 2005 and is in cold storage. Perhaps someone is trying to tell us something?:

Similarly, there is one in Hay-on-Wye, described as looking like “a ghost in a nightdress”.

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4 thoughts on “Henry carved in stone…

  1. I had suggested that a statue in Pembroke to John Marshal would be a nice idea, too! I’m assuming that if they don’t get together the fund for a local visitor’s center, but have enough money for two or three statues, this might help to put Pembroke on the map! Does Leicester have a statue to Simon de Montfort in one of their public parks? Pembroke seems keen on following Leicester’s example!




  3. Jasmine on said:

    There is a statue of Simon de Montfort on the Clock Tower in Leicester, they also named a university in the town after him. There is also a hall named for him too.

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  4. sighthound6 on said:

    Henry VII – too ugly to be a muppet.

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