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Time to go digging for kings again…


A section of the Bayeaux Tapestry showing the death of Harold II Hulton Archive/Getty Images

I think we should all get out our trowels and knee-pads to go digging around again!

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6 thoughts on “Time to go digging for kings again…

  1. Jasmine on said:

    Ah, but if we find him, where should he be buried?


  2. Reading has a good Minster for Henry I, in the Diocese of Oxford. Eadgyth and St. Margaret are both settled outside England.
    Generally, the nearest current Anglican church to the original burial site, if large enough, would follow the Leicester precedent, implying Oswald to stay in Lincolnshire, Harold near Waltham and Llewellyn near Cwmhir.


  3. hoodedman1 on said:

    If we ever find Eleanor of Provence (and there is new info) if not Amesbury,in St Melor’s which was originally an abbey church, I would imagine Salisbury Cathedral.


  4. Edith “Swan Neck” was Harold’s common law wife, or wife per Danish custom (“handfasting”), not his “concubine” as this article says.


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