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All quiet on the Cairo front?

I am writing to express my concern about the disappearance, without trace, of some individuals known as the “Cairo dwellers”. For many years, they have spattered cyberspace with information they must surely have known to be untrue, taken from five year-old boys who imply themselves to have been present at Council meetings, blind French eye-witnesses, those suffering from bad posthumous translation and others who could see events in London and Yorkshire from Italy, using the least likely interpretation when it suits them and inventing new motivation for trivial deeds themselves.

This year’s Radio Four Appeal is about denialists. If you know the whereabouts of these individuals, please contact the BBC who may be able to organise treatment for them so they learn to apply logic, remember their passwords and post some factual information. They are presently thought to be passing Alexandria.

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15 thoughts on “All quiet on the Cairo front?

  1. Cairo is either a ciyy on a more famous river or A state of mind.


  2. oops CITY = city or more to the point “ciyy” and i’m so mad at human stupidity as to make humble mistakes, forgive me, all all life people who actually dwell in the city of Cairo.


  3. What’s “blind French eyewitnesses” a reference to?


  4. Due to global warming, perhaps the rising waters of the Nile have washed them away?


  5. Ed on said:

    These individuals need immediate naming.


  6. Alan White on said:

    Does Bernard Andre ever claim to have been an eye-witness or describe events as if he were an actual witness?


    • David on said:

      Alan, I am guessing that a third party referred to Andre as an eyewitness. This particular comment is quite odd, in a post that asks for people to apply logic, because it is in itself a logical fallacy – argumentum ad hominem. I suppose you get two for the price of one. You attack Andre, by implying his blindness means he didn’t know what was going on, and you attack the person making the reference.


      • halfwit36 on said:

        As I understand it, the argumentium ad hominem follows this form: “Mr/Ms X is a Tudor supporter/Ricardian, therefore his/her opinions on subject Y (politics, JFK, a good restaurant, etc, etc,) are wrong.” Or, turning it around: “X’s politics are left-wing/right-wing, therefore his/her views on Richard III are wrong. He/she prefers French cooking to Briltish, therefore their opinions on the Tudors are wrong” Aren’t we all guilty of making such judgements from time to time?
        Point is, an ad hominem argument is not just a simple insult.


      • Of course a blind person can witness things, but correct if I’m wrong, I don’t think that Andre claimed to be a witness of things that happened in England during the rule of Richard III? I may be wrong, I just assume would be mentioned if he did. I’ve never seen him quoted regarding Richard III, it’s always Vergil or More. So, I’m not sure why Andre was even singled out and mentioned in the OP.


  7. Alan White on said:

    Which writer was it that “could see events in London and Yorkshire from Italy”?


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