The Wars of the Roses by Matthew Lewis

My Ricardian Bulletin arrived this morning with a very kind nice review of The Wars of the Roses to brighten my Saturday morning.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. Why not reissue Gairdner’s classic Pro-Tudor 1800s biography? Even though Paul Murray Kendell plucked it apart brilliantly some 60 years ago its significantly less of a waste of printer’s ink and paper than this new pamphleteer’s blast from the past!!!


    1. I think Matthew Lewis is a capable and competent writer, my above comment is directed at David Horspool’s over-priced exercise of sheer rhetorical hyperbole! Even at his worst, how can Horspool rate RIII lower than big bad KYNGE JOHN due to the long duration of his brutally ruthless churlish incompetency that led to the signing of Magna Carta? If one of the two bold late 1400s “pretenders” was actually a bona fide member of the Plantagenet family tree by way of a line of descent from EIII methinks this has both Henry 7th and RIII looking less guilty of an act of blatant regicide. Can we say blame game? By comparison, poor “Doubting Thomas” Michael Hicks even neatly has a wealth of new material in his books when he is not being opinionated, myself I’d recommend Hicks over Horspool, and even Clements Markham despite his age and lack of new developments over Horspool. Horspool evidently took Shakesphere literally rather than poetically, and now charges ten to twenty times what one would pay in a second hand bookstore for a nice edition of the Bard’s infamous/famous play! My comment above is directed at Horspool’s sorry tabloid excuse of a book! Matthew Lewis has written excellent biographies of King John and Edward I, both of whom were hell to cross, but in different ways. Ricardians with good reason pick up on Richard’s nicer disposition, his much more democratic conceptualization of the monarchy and also the compassionate “inner compass” of his highly moral ethics code.


  2. Correction: Marc Morris wrote the biographies of King John and Edward I. Forgive my rant! Kathryn Warner even has a decent biography of Edward II and a rather good blog! Myself, I also like Matthew Lewis’s blog, too! I am simmering down, as a hand out praise to counterbalance the sheer opinion’d audacity of David Horspool’s backslide into normalcy. ENJOY!


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