Richard’s Mighty Army

Picture of knight holding pen
Pen is mightier than sword
Pen is mightier than sword


Restless, furious, vengeful
He sees with eyes long dead
Malicious lies recorded
His truth and honour fled

The loser at the battle
Despite his dauntless skill
Losing yet more thereafter
By the pen of Tudor’s Will

He lost through heated courage
The impulse wrongly judged
Five hundred years to contemplate
His honour foully smudged

Patience is now the master
A dish served cold prepare
The building of the backlash
Innocence declare

He cannot win the battle
With swords that are no more
But pen is mightier than sword
As he knows to his core

Therefore he changes tactics
Recruiting Yorkist minds
To write another story
To reveal other finds

Art now paints him in beauty
The dreaded hunchback gone!
Stories now tell of justice
Of honour, mercies done

His mighty army building
A new Broom sweeping clean
The reputation tarnished
Is polished to a gleam

The pile of Tudor falsehood
A stinking, filthy heap
We overcome with golden words
Burying it deep

We feel his indignation
At injustices of yore
And we shall rally to his call
For he shall win the war!







Original image link. Licensed by Creative Commons

Image by Goodmami, titled ‘The pen is mightier than something'<br />
Taken on August 2, 2008. Tip of brush changed to fountain pen nib


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