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By a strange coincidence …

… Richard III’s reburial week covered the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and these stunning photographs were taken (by J.L. Mungovin) at daybreak near the Autumnal Equinox.

Tomb1 Tomb2 Tomb3 Tomb4 Tomb5

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7 thoughts on “By a strange coincidence …

  1. Stunning images 🙂


  2. Esther on said:

    Spectacular photographs!


  3. Breathtakingly stunning!


  4. Jasmine on said:

    Now we see what the people who chose the stone said, that light reflecting off it would provide all the ‘decoration’ the tomb needed. A truly wonderful sight.


    • Shame it doesn’t happen all the time though – I believe it is not open to the public in the early morning when this was taken. It is certainly the only set of photos I’ve seen showing it. But that’s a shame as it really is stunning!


      • Jasmine on said:

        It may be different timing throughout the year due to the sun’s elevation. There are also some new stained glass windows due to be fitted soon where there are plain glass ones at present, so that too may add to the light ‘show’.


  5. Kalina on said:

    Richard,s Birthday today. Forever young…:)))

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