An interesting article about Exeter and the rebellions

Very good although it makes an assumption about “Perkin”‘s identity:

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. ” Perhaps because of his fine clothes and courtly manner he was able to pass himself off as Richard, Duke of York, one of the two “Princes in the Tower” allegedly murdered by Richard III in 1483.”

    Presented drawing shows the face quite like the face of Edward IV on the portrait in the museum of Society of Antiquaires:)))



    This is the link of the text I,ve read too. It is very interesting post and the same discussion under it. And as the foreigner I noticed quite different matters connected with the “financial” policy of Henry Tudor. He had not any qualms of consciens to plunder the properties of the children of his died supporter. As well as he had not any ones to murder the last young Plantagenets. If we can say any bad about Richard III at all he was full of magnanimity…His rival was the mean man of the little value of his soul. The period of Chivalry was over.

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