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A review by Kim Harten of a promotional copy of the Richard III CD by The Legendary Ten Seconds….

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A review by Kim Harten of a promotional copy of the Richard III CD by The Legendary Ten Seconds from her website

THE LEGENDARY TEN SECONDS Richard III CD (Richard the Third Records)


Final instalment of The Legendary Ten Seconds’ trilogy of Richard III themed concept albums, and the first of the three albums to appear on their newly formed own label Richard the Third Records. The band was founded by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ian Churchward, formerly of The Morrisons, and also features keyboardist and drummer Lord Zarquon, Rob Bright on banjo and guitar, Tom Churchward on melodeon, and vocalists Elaine Churchward, Phil Helmore, Camilla Joyce, and Gentian Dyer. As with the preceding albums in the series, a percentage of the sale price goes towards scoliosis charity SAUK. The album sets events from the life of Richard III to music, with historical narrations between each track written and read by Matthew Lewis. The music is folk-rock with additional aspects of prog, medieval, and even a nod towards Ian’s past musical history in 1980s indiepop in Richard Liveth Yet. Highlights include Requiem, which recalls the Strawbs, the strongly melodic psych/prog tinged folk-rock track Hollow Crown, and the atmospheric and dreamlike Ambion Hill.

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