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Henry VII on choosing a new bride …

An excellent blog by Dr. Lipscomb but has she left out any relevant points:

I am sure our readers will have some ideas.


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4 thoughts on “Henry VII on choosing a new bride …

  1. Kalina on said:

    It is obvious that so young, brillant man as Henry had to know “whether ther appere any here about hir lippes or not”. Oh, Lord…:))))))))))))

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  2. I never realized before that Henry VII provided such great comedy material. One could make a period sitcom about Henry choosing a bride.

    “Ambassador, are you looking at my feet?!”
    “No, Your Grace, I am…uh… worshipping the ground you walk on!”

    “Could you please not lean so close into my face?”
    “Apologies, Your Grace… I am…err…hard of hearing, and I’m hanging on every wise br.. word that comes out if your mouth!”

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    • Kalina on said:

      I wonder in what way the ambassador looked for the answers needed by King. This is may be the reason why the duchess refused Henry:)))


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