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Richard’s act lost in flame….

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper

Here’s how to gloss over the important facts! This is an item in the Leicester Mercury online:-

It says: Richard’s act lost in flame.
(by Leicester Mercury/ posted: August 17, 2015.

“According to Nigel Cawthorne’s book on The Strange Laws of Old England, Richard III signed an Act bastardising all the children of his brother, Edward IV.
“It was never repealed. Instead it was ripped from the files of the Chancery and burned, on the advice of all judges of England, so ‘no memory might remain of it.”

So, Richard just upped one day and made his nieces and nephews illegitimate, and the judges of England promptly upped, ripped and burned it????? Just like that, as Tommy Cooper might have said? It’s like having Chapter One, and then turning the page to find “The End”!


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3 thoughts on “Richard’s act lost in flame….

  1. The press are ignorant about clearly defined modern matters. Little chance of them knowing anything about the past. But ignorance has never stopped the press pretending they know it all

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  2. Kalina on said:

    What Nigel Cawthorne got this news from? May be he knows about other important documents burned in past?


  3. They must be really scrapping the bottom of the Ricardian news bucket in Leicester! still a need for keen eyes and level heads out there. Thanks again viscountessw!

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